Recent reports have caused many to be concerned about safety and re-evaluate their travel plans. We encourage everyone to see the world but be aware of their surroundings and use extra caution. A good idea whether you’re in a foreign country or down the road from your home.

The State Department operates a travel advisory system which includes four levels:

  • Level 1 being “exercise normal precautions”
  • Level 2 meaning “exercise increased caution”
  • Level 3 signifying Americans should “reconsider travel”
  • Level 4 meaning “do not travel.” 

Even with all the recent events, as of early Summer 2019 the US State Department has listed only 15 countries “off limits” for Americans.

  • Iraq
  • Sudan
  • Yemen
  • Venezuela
  • Syria
  • South Sudan
  • Somalia
  • Mali
  • Libya
  • Iran
  • Haiti
  • Central African Republic
  • Afghanistan
  • North Korea


As you can see, the list doesn’t include any of the typical vacation destinations. When deciding whether or not to travel outside the country, it’s important to consult an experienced travel agent who can help you determine the risks and benefits of vacation destinations.

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