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About JJ Travel Associates

JJ Travel Associates was created by Jen and Joel, long-time friends who decided to combine their shared passions: building relationships, dedication to top-notch customer service and travel. Since making that decision they have redefined how people vacation; planning customized trips to destinations near and far, on budgets of all sizes.

Jen grew up seeing the travel industry first hand, traveling the world with her parents who worked for British Airways. Her fondest memories are of their adventures. As an adult she has continued traveling and has passed on her love of seeing the world to her children. Now, creating and managing soap cruises allows her to combine her two passions: travel and her love of soaps.

Joel began traveling as an adult and loves learning from locals, understanding different perspectives and observing different cultures. Coming from a large family, nobody could ever agree on destinations and activities and as a result, Joel loves planning vacations that are exciting for everyone in the group.