Destination wedding. What comes to mind when you think about those two words? Romantic, private, small, closest friends and family, money saving option to name a few of the more common associations? If you’ve considered a destination wedding, these are probably near the top of the list but there are things you need to take into consideration when deciding if a destination wedding is the correct choice for you and your family.

The advertisements for destination weddings show sun-soaked beaches with the couple and their guests right by the water. The reality is, weddings on the beach are not private — there are other people on the beach and although most are respectful, there will be random people in your pictures and keep in mind, people enjoying their time on the beach are rarely whispering.

Cost savings and closest friends and family are two considerations that go hand in hand. Yes, a destination wedding is less expensive than buying dinner for 100 of your friends, hiring a band or DJ, limo’s, flowers and all the other wedding vendors and necessities. Your guests, however, will be spending significantly more money to celebrate with you and therefore fewer people will be able to join you. Also to consider, the packages that are advertised are attractively priced for a reason. Make sure you read all the details so you know exactly what you’re entitled to and how many guests are included in the package you’re considering.

These are a few things to consider when you’re deciding whether a destination wedding is right for you. At JJ Travel Associates we love love… And planning destination weddings. Let’s talk about your perfect destination… Schedule your complimentary fun-sultation today.

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