Earlier this year Carnival faced the possibility of not being able to dock at US ports. Judge Patricia Seitz made the threat as part of an ongoing investigation into the way Carnival handles environmental audits.

In 2016 Carnival plead guilty, paid a $40 million dollar fine and agreed to a probationary period for dumping waste into the ocean, it’s third such conviction in 18 years. The current accusation centers around how the cruise line performs during it’s probation-term audits.

Last week, Carnival reached a tentative deal with Federal Prosecutors, the terms of which have not been released to the public, which would allow Carnival to continue docking at US ports.  Carnival is due back in court on June 3 at which point Judge Seitz will deide whether to accept the arrangement. Should she decide to rule against it, a new court date would be set and probation revocation hearings would begin.

Based on the information we have, JJ Travel Associates is confident that current and future Carnival cruises (along with will sister brands Princess and Holland America) will not be affected.

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