You may have seen the news reports about a collision between the Viking Sigyn river cruise ship and a local tour operator boat on Hungary’s Danube on the evening of Wednesday, May 29. At least seven tourists from the local tour operator boat were killed and another 21 are missing, according to multiple media reports. There have been no reported deaths or injuries from the Viking Sigyn.

Viking River Cruises Official Statement

At 21:00 local time (29th May), the Viking river ship Sigyn was in the vicinity of another vessel – a Hungarian tourist ship – when it was involved in an incident on the Danube River in Budapest. There were no injuries to Viking crew or Viking guests. We are cooperating with the authorities as required.

What you should know

  • Viking and every other cruise line does everything they can to ensure the safety of their passengers and their ships. Even though accidents happen, cruising remains a very safe way to travel. 
  • This is an ongoing story and investigation which we will follow closely and provide updates as we receive them.
  • If you’ve booked a cruise on Viking or any other cruise line and wish to cancel due to this or any other news, normal cancellation fees will apply and vacation insurance will not cover any penalties.
  • As of this writing (5/30/19) future sailings of the Viking Sigyn have not been affected or altered.

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