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Custom Travel Experiences


Planning your own vacation is equal parts time consuming, exhausting and stressful. Who needs anything extra causing those things?

You have enough stuff to do in your life. Work, drive kids to and from activities, volunteer work, weekly shopping and all the other household activities that need to be done.

You need a vacation from all those time and energy consuming activities but shouldn’t have to add another major task like planning a vacation to your already over-loaded to do list.

When JJ Travel Associates plans your trip all you have to do is pack your bag and enjoy a stress free vacation with the people you love the most.

What You Can Expect From Jen and Joel

  • During your Free Fun-sultation we learn about your interests, your family and some details — dates you’re available to travel, budget, etc. — and begin brainstorming ideas.
  • Well Researched Options based on your interests, lifestyle, budget and your desired dates.
  • We Refine and Perfect your vacation to match activities and experiences to the unique interests of your family.
  • Book Your Vacation including all the transportation, accommodations and activities so you have complete peace of mind before and during your vacation.
  • Manage Payment Due Dates so you always know what is due and when including phone and e-mail reminders of balances and upcoming payments.
  • Personalized Recommendations for things that can’t be booked ahead of time — where you should eat, landmarks you should see and hidden gems that you’ll want to experience.
  • Travel tips such as passport and visa information, time differences, tipping etiquette, who to call and what to do in an emergency, weather expectations and what to pack. In short, all the things that will ensure you are prepared for anything.
  • Provide Your Detailed Itinerary in both digital and paper format so you know where you’re supposed to be and how to get there at any given moment.
  • Confirm all your travel plans, so there are no unwanted surprises.
  • Be available to answer any questions that you may have before and during and after your vacation.

WE Got You Covered



Answering your questions, making recommendations, planning, booking and managing every detail of your trip.


Knowing exactly where you’re supposed to be, when you’re supposed to be there and how to get there equals a stress free trip. 


We can schedule transportation home, help you with vendor reviews and assist you with any other issues that may arise.

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Call Us To Save On Every Vacation…
201-786-6275 or 844-483-6669

Or Click Here To Use the Contact Form And We’ll Call You