When You Know You Need A Vacation But Are Too Busy To Plan One…

JJ Travel Associates plans vacations for busy families who want to experience destinations while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Between work, driving kids to their activities and the million other tasks that come with managing your busy family you don’t have a moment for yourself, much less to plan an unforgettable vacation.

Save yourself some time and stress… Take “plan vacation” off your to-do list and put it on ours.

We’ll plan and manage all the details of an amazing vacation and make sure you get the best value within your budget to guarantee you a stress free vacation.

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Jen & Joel – the “J’s” of JJ Travel Associates

Growing up with parents in the travel industry gave me the opportunity to see the world. It wasn’t until much later in life that I cherished the memories of great experiences with my Mom and Dad. Knowing what I know about the importance of creating family memories, I encourage my kids to put away the technology and see some of the world with me with the hope that someday they will look back on our adventures with the same type of warm and fuzzy memories I have of traveling with my parents. ~ Jen

When I travel there’s always a story. Whether it’s making a new and interesting friend, being caught in a “if only we had a row boat” type of rain shower… Without an umbrella or purchasing an item that was originally $100 for $10, each trip inspires a story that begins with, “Remember when we…” which is retold for years. These stories are a part of family lore that my daughter will remember being intertwined with the trip itself. That is what vacations are about. ~ Joel

You’re Only Three Simple Steps Away From Your Next Stress Free Vacation

Call Jen & Joel. We’ll either have (or schedule) a 15 minute “vacation strategizing”call. We’ll discuss the interests of you and your family, what types of vacations you enjoy, when and for how low you want to get away and what your budget is.

Jen and Joel get to work planning your vacation, making revisions as necessary, thinking of and managing all the details so your vacation is one of a kind and guarantees a vacation that surpasses your wildest imagination. All for a small $19.95 planning fee.

Pack Your Bags, Experience An Amazing Destination, Take Lots of Pictures. We’ll be here, on call to answer any questions or assist you in any way possible before, during and after your vacation.

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