About J and J

Jennifer and Joel are long-time friends who share the deep desire to learn from and gain understanding of different cultures.

At JJ Travel Associates we plan vacation experiences that combine history, culture, and fun for people who share our belief that knowledge and wisdom are gained by observing and interacting with other cultures, learning about local history and experiences, and understanding our similarities and differences.

When we plan your vacation you’ll come home with new understanding, vivid memories, and great stories!

You-nique Vacations

Would You Rather…

Take a taxi to the next sight-seeing location or return home with a story about taking a jaunting car pulled by Lucy, who, according to the driver, is an “old gal” who only works three days a week and spends the rest of her time playing cards in the barn?

Let other people be sightseers, Jen and Joel make sure you see the world in a new way and return home with stories you’ll be telling the rest of your life.

Unique vacation experience - jaunting car

Meet Your Travel Advisors

Jennifer Edelson

Jennifer Edelson

Owner / Travel Advisor

Jennifer’s love of travel is easy to trace. Her parents worked in the travel industry which provided the opportunity to travel around the world, creating some of her favorite childhood memories. Realizing the benefits of traveling as a child — and an adult, she continued the tradition of traveling extensively with her own family, instilling a love of exploring the world in her (now adult) children.

As a travel agent, Jen is an expert at researching options and using meticulous organization skills to plan and manage the details of one of a kind vacations for people who want to see the world on their own terms, free from pre-set schedules, activities, and itineraries. Jen finds unique hotels and “must do” activities that can’t be experienced as part of a group tour. Read more 

Joel Wesseldyke

Joel Wesseldyke

Owner / Travel Advisor

Joel grew up on Any Street in Small Town, Michigan and discovered his love of travel on his first “real vacation” in the Bahamas. It was on that trip that he discovered a culture and history completely different from “back home.” That started his obsession to understand how history and culture influences every day life and learn things from a “non-American” perspective.

Joel’s expertise is cruises (ocean, river, and expedition), group tours with guides, and all-inclusive resorts. Drawing from extensive training and knowledge gained through personal (and and planning clients) travel, he understands your individual vacation style, and finds ways to personalize the vacation based on your expectations, interests, and budget. Read more

Why You Should Choose JJ Travel Associates

Be Heard, Understood, & Valued

Jennifer and Joel personally answer all your emails, texts, and calls; answer all your questions; and plan and manage every detail of your vacation based on your priorities, interests, and budget.

Save Time & Eliminate FOMO

We’ll use our experience, expertise, and resources to “do the research” to ensure you get the best value and experience so you can focus on spending more time doing things you enjoy with the people you care about.

Eliminate Vacation Stress

We’ll cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s related to your vacation. Before you leave, while you’re away, and when you return. Every detail managed, all scenario’s considered.
Relax. We’ve got you.

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