Activities for Foodies in Cozumel

Written by Joel
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There are so many activities for foodies in Cozumel that keep me going back. If you love learning about the history of food and how to prepare delicious meals, or just like the idea of having a good time and eating delicious food buckle up because I’m going to take you on a crash course of the best activities for foodies in Cozumel.

Not exactly food, but closely related (and high on my list) are a variety of tequila activities. Take a tour of distilleries and learn how tequila is made (while sampling a variety of ages and flavors) or take a class where you’ll make a variety of authentic and creative tequila cocktails. Go into the activity with an open mind (and maybe a companion who doesn’t like tequila — two samples for you! — and try things you wouldn’t normally consider. Keep in mind while you’re sipping (or gulping) tequila at the distillery, there will be an opportunity to purchase what you’ve been sampling.

Tequila tastings are a must-do in Cozumel
Tequila tastings are fun

Another fun thing for foodies to do in Cozumel is a class called Salsa and Salsa. In our class we made three different types of salsa using fresh ingredients. Each had a different texture and went from very mild to fairly spicy. What I thought was great about this particular class was the instructor told us how to control the heat by adding or subtracting different ingredients so everyone in the class could enjoy each of the options. Of course, each of the three salsa’s came with a refill of either a tequila or rum drink which would prove necessary for the second part of the class… Learning to dance the salsa. In case you’re wondering, the version the other people in my class learned wasn’t too complicated, but there wasn’t enough tequila in Mexico to get my hips swaying.

Activities for foodies in Cozumel must include salsa and salsa
Salsa and salsa was a great experience

When you find yourself in Cozumel I also recommend taking some of the many cooking classes that are available. They take place in restaurants, resorts (where you’re issued a visitors pass), food stands, and even at the homes of local tour guides. Each class has it’s own menu and charm and all are fantastic experiences. Some of the best food I’ve ever made (and eaten) was at these small classes, one in particular, a farm to table experience was an enjoyable experience with a guide who shared a lot of history and culture as we were preparing authentic Mexican meals. 

These experiences are, in my opinion as a foodie, the best way to be immersed in the local culture by interacting with the guides and learn new recipes and cooking techniques in the process. Check out two of my favorite places to book local experiences and for affordably priced options.

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