What To Do In Bermuda: 5 Must Do’s

Written by Joel
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Bermuda is a popular destination for people who live in the Northeast because it’s one of the few places cruises that leave from the area. It’s a beautiful island (I’ve been there twice — so far) and popular with our clients in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and all the New England states. Every client asks us what to do in Bermuda.

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What To Do In Bermuda: Rent A Scooter!

Looking for adventure? Renting a scooter might be exactly what you’re looking for. Not only do you get to see the island at your own pace, stopping to see whatever catches your eye, you get to experience first hand riding on the “wrong” side of the road. After a day of riding, I still found the traffic patterns unnatural and had to fight the urge to swerve when it felt like cars were coming at me (they weren’t, but it sure was unusual to be in the left lane).

I can’t begin to explain how much fun it was buzzing around on scooters. It’s affordable, and the locals (on bigger, faster scooters and in cars) were aware that the rental scooters are slow and the people on them unsure of themselves so as long as I stayed in the correct lane I felt safe and you will, too!

What to do in Bermuda? Rent scooters!
Scooters are everywhere in Bermuda (Photo: Joel)

A visit to the Crystal and Fantasy Caves is a great adventure. The caves are one of the oldest natural treasures in Bermuda. Depending where you’re staying (or your ship is docked) on the island, between getting to the caves and doing the tour, plan to spend a half day and wear comfortable shoes (it’s a LOT of walking) and a layers (it’s cold!). You’ll love the guides who are very knowledgeable and the beautiful sights everywhere you look. 

If you’re interested in history, Bermuda has lots of tours that will teach you all about the history of the island while exploring historic buildings, ruins, and military forts. You’ll also want to visit the museums including the National Museum of Bermuda, St. Georges Historical Museum, and the Bermuda Historical Society Museum.

Crystal Caves in Bermuda
Crystal Caves are beautiful! (Photo: Joel)
Shops feature local artisans
Woman doing beautiful handiwork (Photo: Joel)

I’m not interested in snorkeling so I haven’t personally done that in Bermuda, but if you enjoy snorkeling, there are tours that take you where you’ll see beautiful sights and many of the options include the Montana and Constellation shipwrecks. Most tours sail around the island and include snorkel equipment, snacks, and a drink. Some stop at one of the gorgeous beaches, too.

Instead of snorkeling, I prefer sunset cruises or catamaran rides around the island. These often provide local cuisine, and the popular drinks Rum Swizzle or Dark n Stormy. The guides and/or captains always have fun and interesting stories to share about life, celebrities, and history which makes for a fun afternoon or evening.

Pastel homes seen on a catamaran tour.
Pastel homes seen from a catamaran (Photo: Joel)

With so many fun things to do in Bermuda it’s no wonder so many people enjoy visiting this beautiful island. If you’re hoping for warm weather to do all these activities, the best time to visit is April through October. My 2022 visit was in December, and while riding scooters was fun, it was chilly, especially later in the afternoon and early evening. If you go in the shoulder or off season, the weather is better for walking tours and museums.

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